PMPE develops and manufactures customized chokes and inductors for all applications

Storage Choke : Direct current flows through the choke, with delta-shaped alternating current superposed. The frequency of this alternating current can be twice the switching frequency, depending on the topology of the Switched Mode Power Supply.

Resonant Circuit Choke : An alternating current of same frequency as that of the switching frequency flows in these inductors.

Pulse Choke : High current flows in a short time through the choke, depending upon the duty cycle of the operating frequency. For rest of the time the choke is in de-energized condition.

PFC Choke : In these chokes the current flowing is up to twice the frequency of mains supply in-put. In addition a high-frequency alternating current is super imposed on it.

Non Linear Chokes : The inductance curve of these chokes depends upon the amount of current flowing through it. These are stepped air gap or transducer choke.

Chokes for EMI/EMC Application : These chokes are used at the input of a SMPS to filter common and differential mode noise generated due to switching circuits of the power supply.

Tuned Circuit Inductors: Tuned Circuit Inductors chokes are used in a series or parallel tuned circuit to select a frequency for further processing

The core materials normally used are:

  • - Soft Ferrite
  • - Iron Powder
  • - Carbonyl Iron Powder
  • - MPP
  • - Koo Mµ, MSS
  • - Silicon Iron
  • - Nickel Iron
  • - Amorphous Cores
  • - Nanocrystalline Cores


  • - Bobbin core windings
  • - Toroidal core winding
  • - Lead frame winding(Planner cores)
  • - Air Coils
  • - Drum Core windings
  • - Ferrite Rod windings
  • - Ferrite bead windings
  • - Edge Winding

Conductor Used:

  • - Solid Copper wires with round and rectangular shapes
  • - Litz Wires Copper ( In house facility to manufacture)
  • - Copper Foil Strips