PMPE work environment is most comfortable, for its employees & management on the production floors using simple and nature friendly cooling system without much cost of electrical energy, an essential in-put for industries.

Article Published in 5th June 2008 Issue of "Week Magazine" of India.

BIO-COOLED SHOP FLOOR: Taking a cue from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), T.P Baranwal and daughter Anupama set out on a green mission in 2005. The ex-Air Force officer wanted to manufacture transformers and inductors in an economical and fresh air environment. Making the most of his engineering background, Baranwal established a workplace that survives on an alternate cooling system called Geo-thermal Cooling.

Pulse Magnetic and Power Electronics have a five-storey build­ing, with no air conditioners but very cool interiors. Intriguing? Baranwal calls it 'Simple Science.' "The natural cooling in our factory is just an effective heat exchange with the earth," says Anupama, Director of the company.

Factory Development

Fitted with Turbo Fans and air ducts, the building has a two-inch gap between the shells of walls facing outside. This cuts external heat transfer. "We have improvised basic things to ensure natural cooling," says Baranwal. "The principle is the same as that of a regular air conditioner. The temperature 20ft below the earth remains constant at 24 to 26 degree Celsius and we make use of this."

The factory has two suction fans fitted at a depth of 20ft, which suck filtered fresh air from the atmosphere. The air travels through three ducts each 25 meter long and 3 feet in diameter at 20ft below the ground. As the air passes from one end of the building to the other, it loses its heat to earth. Cold air enters an Air Handling Unit where its humidity is controlled by either adding or removing the moisture. Being light, cold air travels at the ground level from rear part of the building through the openings provided at various locations in the internal walls of the building. Hot air, is removed using fourteen Turbo Fans fitted on top of vertical ducts in the front part of the building on the roof top. "Using this principle, we have cut down power consumption to 3 K Watts." says Anupama

"Mr. Baranwal Speaks"

The company is now planning to use solar energy to power lighting and fan loads of the factory. To conserve power, CFL lights with special reflectors installed during 2005 are being replaced with LED lights. "I want to make my workplace greener, cooler and energy efficient," says Baranwal who also has a water harvesting system at the factory. He has spent Rs 20 lakh to 'green' his factory.